Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunday, Beautiful Sunday...

Hello, lovely world. Sorry for being gone for a while! This past week has been crazy and I hadn't had the chance to upload the photos from this past weekend to share with you all!

Ah, it was such a glorious Sunday! Phillip, the kids and I decided to go for a little walk with my camera, soak up the sun, climb some trees, meets some critters, and greet some of our neighbors. We had so much fun!

Below are some of the memories I captured along the way...

Phillip and I woke up with the outdoors on our mind(...and boy, do I look puffy in the mornings! Yikes!)...Alas, a cup of joe and we were nearly ready to be on our to wake the kiddos!

The sunshine didn't let us down...what a gorgeous day for some wandering!

Mmmmm, suuuun....

They're a handsome bunch, aren't they?

And my gorgeous man. I love him. :)

A little artsy fun! ;)

Gotta love me some trees, too. :)

I found this amazing "tree-bow" and insisted Phillip climb up for a photo op...he was not so thrilled at first...but he settled in quite nicely!

These are the greatest kids on the planet. Just sayin'.

And me? Well, I'm right at home in trees...I could sit up high above all else, all day and not have a care in the world. Ah, to sway in the that's a piece of heaven. I must find some tall trees to lounge in soon.

After climbing trees, we met this lovely girl! Isn't she gorgeous?

We decided to walk around the creek bed...and that's when we discovered this little Mallard beauty protecting her nest.

She and her mate seemed to be enjoying the weather as much as we were...

Mmmm, moss and woooood...I love it!

Phillip and I decided to take a moment to ourselves....LOVE

That's when he presented me with a tiny little treasure...not wanting to pick it and end it's loveliness, we left it where it belonged, deciding instead to capture it's memory here. :)

Soon after, we decided to head and see what else we could discover...

We wandered along the creek til we noticed this funny little guy! I'd never seen a Nutria in person before, but he was beautiful with bright orange teeth. Such a fun discovery.

He was so funny following the Mallard male around like they were the best of pals!

Pretty soon we stumbled across a dog park I'd long forgotten about. It was super busy! I noticed these gorgeous babies, breeds I don't often see in our area, along with about a billion others. It was so much fun! Gotta love some doggies!

On our way back we found this cool old fire engine. I love the yellow! Had to grab a quick snap.

Our feet were wearing in! So, we decided to call it a wrap and head home. But not without the perfect little ending. Phillip pointed out this little glimmer of a rainbow and we watched it transform on the ride home.

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure. Have a gorgeous week, everyone!

P.S. Oh, yes! One more thing!! I just entered to win a pair of tickets to see The Civils Wars show that is SOLD OUT in Dallas this weekend!!! *:D I tried to snag a pair for Phillip and I a while back and was broken hearted to find out we wouldn't be able to see them, after all.

WELL, after Phillip forwarded Joy and John's fabulous performance on Leno, I hopped onto twitter to give them the 'grats and saw the announcement that there was hope after all! WOOT*

It may seem trivial and silly, but totally pray for us to win! haha I SOOO want to make it to the show tomorrow or saturday! That would be the best ever! *cheeses*

All my love,

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