Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunday, Beautiful Sunday...

Hello, lovely world. Sorry for being gone for a while! This past week has been crazy and I hadn't had the chance to upload the photos from this past weekend to share with you all!

Ah, it was such a glorious Sunday! Phillip, the kids and I decided to go for a little walk with my camera, soak up the sun, climb some trees, meets some critters, and greet some of our neighbors. We had so much fun!

Below are some of the memories I captured along the way...

Phillip and I woke up with the outdoors on our mind(...and boy, do I look puffy in the mornings! Yikes!)...Alas, a cup of joe and we were nearly ready to be on our to wake the kiddos!

The sunshine didn't let us down...what a gorgeous day for some wandering!

Mmmmm, suuuun....

They're a handsome bunch, aren't they?

And my gorgeous man. I love him. :)

A little artsy fun! ;)

Gotta love me some trees, too. :)

I found this amazing "tree-bow" and insisted Phillip climb up for a photo op...he was not so thrilled at first...but he settled in quite nicely!

These are the greatest kids on the planet. Just sayin'.

And me? Well, I'm right at home in trees...I could sit up high above all else, all day and not have a care in the world. Ah, to sway in the that's a piece of heaven. I must find some tall trees to lounge in soon.

After climbing trees, we met this lovely girl! Isn't she gorgeous?

We decided to walk around the creek bed...and that's when we discovered this little Mallard beauty protecting her nest.

She and her mate seemed to be enjoying the weather as much as we were...

Mmmm, moss and woooood...I love it!

Phillip and I decided to take a moment to ourselves....LOVE

That's when he presented me with a tiny little treasure...not wanting to pick it and end it's loveliness, we left it where it belonged, deciding instead to capture it's memory here. :)

Soon after, we decided to head and see what else we could discover...

We wandered along the creek til we noticed this funny little guy! I'd never seen a Nutria in person before, but he was beautiful with bright orange teeth. Such a fun discovery.

He was so funny following the Mallard male around like they were the best of pals!

Pretty soon we stumbled across a dog park I'd long forgotten about. It was super busy! I noticed these gorgeous babies, breeds I don't often see in our area, along with about a billion others. It was so much fun! Gotta love some doggies!

On our way back we found this cool old fire engine. I love the yellow! Had to grab a quick snap.

Our feet were wearing in! So, we decided to call it a wrap and head home. But not without the perfect little ending. Phillip pointed out this little glimmer of a rainbow and we watched it transform on the ride home.

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure. Have a gorgeous week, everyone!

P.S. Oh, yes! One more thing!! I just entered to win a pair of tickets to see The Civils Wars show that is SOLD OUT in Dallas this weekend!!! *:D I tried to snag a pair for Phillip and I a while back and was broken hearted to find out we wouldn't be able to see them, after all.

WELL, after Phillip forwarded Joy and John's fabulous performance on Leno, I hopped onto twitter to give them the 'grats and saw the announcement that there was hope after all! WOOT*

It may seem trivial and silly, but totally pray for us to win! haha I SOOO want to make it to the show tomorrow or saturday! That would be the best ever! *cheeses*

All my love,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby laughter can cure anything!

Omgoooosh! ***CUTE ATTACK*** :D

I just watched the most adorable video EVER and just had to share it with you!!!

Meet baby Micah. :)

Apparently, adorable little Micah could not contain his laughter one day when his daddy ripped up a job rejection letter he received in the mail. This loveable 8-month-old found it so funny, in fact, that his dad kept ripping up paper to make his son crack up...and boy did he! Thank goodness his clever daddy caught it all on tape for us to enjoy.

If this doesn't make you smile on the worst day I don't know what could!

Enjoy, lovelies!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Venture into the wilderness...

It's almost that time! Ah, yes, the time of year I start craving a greater connection with nature...I dream of walks in the woods, hikes, camping, music around the campfire... Mmmm-mmm, good! I can't wait to plan a little getaway soon!

Until then, I hope you enjoy a few of the things that make my heart all warm and fuzzy and ready for a taste of nature and adventure!

You can't go wrong with a little vintage lantern light to guide your way.

And of course, a hippy chic little compass pendant might be handy.

Hike in style with this vintage style camper tee!

Every boho knows you need just the right camping accessory...function meets style. ;)

Don't forget to bring a comfy vintage quilt for those chilly nights!

Here's a little something to keep the little ones...
or the young at heart...entertained.

You've gotta bring a retro picnic basket for all of those campfire noms!

And remember: if there are no didn't happen! So, bring your camera along for capturing those special moments.

Even little bohos like to be stylin'.

Be a nature-inspired vision in this whimsical tunic...that's comfortable, too.

Scarves serve a MILLION purposes...seriously...never leave home without one.

You've got the hippest ride in the wilderness, man!

Of course, a camping trip is nothing without a little campfire jam session!!

...and don't forget to snuggle up with the one you love.

Photo Credits:
Retro Vintage Lantern - BDVintage - Etsy
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Retro Camper Tee - ZenThreads - Etsy
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Old Fashioned Quilt - TulipPatchQuilts - Etsy
Pogo Camping Teddies - PogoShop - Etsy
Retro Orange Picnic Set - DingoVintage - Etsy
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Boho Tunic Dress - PlumPrettySugar - Etsy
Roots and Birds Scarf - ZenThreads - Etsy
Love and Music VW Bus Print - BearGraphics - Etsy
Fire Jam - photo borrowed from Websterart
Squirrel Love - photo borrowed from "Acting Like Animals" -

Sick little busy bee...that's me

Hello, beautiful world. :)

Sorry I've been MIA for the past 4 days! I've been sick since last Thursday with some cold/flu thing and it hasn't quite eased up yet. *sigh*

To make things even more challenging, my parents were finalizing the last of their move this weekend, both Jake and Phillip had a gig friday and saturday night (good times), my mom is still recovering from pneumonia, and now Phillip is feeling a little sluggish, too!

ALAS work could wait no longer and I couldn't wait to get back to our magical blog world and all of you lovelies out there! I really did miss you guys!!

On the brighter side, we did get to enjoy a little walk in the woods yesterday. Aaah, it was nice to escape the house a bit for some fresh air, some much needed movement, and I was excited to gather an odd assortment of acorns and shells that will no doubt supply some crafty creativity for me in the near future. *cheeses*

In addition, I got to see my sister in law's ever-growing belly this weekend as she and my brother await the birth of their first son! :) My mom was thrilled to have both of her kids around for a little impromptu family time and I'm so excited to meet my first nephew!!

To top everything off, I got my adorable little acorn necklace from AstralBoutique, The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow CD, & ElenOwen's Pulling Back the Veil CD in the mail over the weekend! It was like an early birthday or something! :D

So, I guess it wasn't too bad. ;)

In other news, I was surprised to step out this morning to a more than chilly breeze that isn't letting up! *sigh* Perhaps the lovely spring weather as of late was just a teaser? (Welcome to Texas!) I've been told it will get down in the 30's this evening...

WELL, I guess there's no better excuse to snuggle down with my man and enjoy a little more veg-time together! Mmmm, can't wait. <3

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring is in the air...

There's nothing like the promising smell of spring in the air! Mmmmm, earthy, aromatic goodness... *sigh*

Warm breezes kicked up and beckoned this weekend as Phillip and I gathered our kites and wandered off to the expansive fields across our way to enjoy a little down time with Zoe. It was so gorgeous out!! Aaah, blisssss. I really do love my playful man...And today? Even better! I can't wait to head home...perhaps spend a little time outside stargazing this evening? We shall see. :)

In the meantime, enjoy a little bit of inspiration to get your heart warmed up for Spring.

Photo Credits:
Pink Bloom Fascinator - WhichGoose - Etsy
Pink and Golden Rose Pins - Japonicas - Etsy
Patina Sparrow and Rose Necklace - DandelionbyMistyDawn - Etsy
Yellow Chesnut Blossom Dress - TheMeasure - Etsy
Cherry Blossom Photo Print - JoyStClaire - Etsy
Carousel Blossom Pendant Necklace - Japonicas - Etsy
Golden Boho Sundress - ElisHasewell - Etsy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Earthy goodness...

Go ahead! Take a little break from the regular grind and enjoy a little eye candy for the earthy/vintage/boho at heart...the things that make my heart go, mmmmmm. :)

Photo Credits:
Copper Ring - Markasky - Etsy
Boho Ethnic Dress - AstralBoutique - Etsy
Honey Glazed Mugs - DarshanPottery - Etsy
Moroccon Tunic - AstralBoutique - Etsy
Handcrafted Acorn Necklace - AstralBoutique - Etsy (This is SO MINE! :)
Orange Felted Flower Slippers - Ing00te - Etsy
Hancrafted Clay Gypsy Earrings - JenniferMorrisBeads - Etsy
Maple Leaf Moccasins - RavenMountain - Etsy