Monday, February 28, 2011

Venture into the wilderness...

It's almost that time! Ah, yes, the time of year I start craving a greater connection with nature...I dream of walks in the woods, hikes, camping, music around the campfire... Mmmm-mmm, good! I can't wait to plan a little getaway soon!

Until then, I hope you enjoy a few of the things that make my heart all warm and fuzzy and ready for a taste of nature and adventure!

You can't go wrong with a little vintage lantern light to guide your way.

And of course, a hippy chic little compass pendant might be handy.

Hike in style with this vintage style camper tee!

Every boho knows you need just the right camping accessory...function meets style. ;)

Don't forget to bring a comfy vintage quilt for those chilly nights!

Here's a little something to keep the little ones...
or the young at heart...entertained.

You've gotta bring a retro picnic basket for all of those campfire noms!

And remember: if there are no didn't happen! So, bring your camera along for capturing those special moments.

Even little bohos like to be stylin'.

Be a nature-inspired vision in this whimsical tunic...that's comfortable, too.

Scarves serve a MILLION purposes...seriously...never leave home without one.

You've got the hippest ride in the wilderness, man!

Of course, a camping trip is nothing without a little campfire jam session!!

...and don't forget to snuggle up with the one you love.

Photo Credits:
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Old Fashioned Quilt - TulipPatchQuilts - Etsy
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Retro Orange Picnic Set - DingoVintage - Etsy
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Boho Tunic Dress - PlumPrettySugar - Etsy
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Love and Music VW Bus Print - BearGraphics - Etsy
Fire Jam - photo borrowed from Websterart
Squirrel Love - photo borrowed from "Acting Like Animals" -

Sick little busy bee...that's me

Hello, beautiful world. :)

Sorry I've been MIA for the past 4 days! I've been sick since last Thursday with some cold/flu thing and it hasn't quite eased up yet. *sigh*

To make things even more challenging, my parents were finalizing the last of their move this weekend, both Jake and Phillip had a gig friday and saturday night (good times), my mom is still recovering from pneumonia, and now Phillip is feeling a little sluggish, too!

ALAS work could wait no longer and I couldn't wait to get back to our magical blog world and all of you lovelies out there! I really did miss you guys!!

On the brighter side, we did get to enjoy a little walk in the woods yesterday. Aaah, it was nice to escape the house a bit for some fresh air, some much needed movement, and I was excited to gather an odd assortment of acorns and shells that will no doubt supply some crafty creativity for me in the near future. *cheeses*

In addition, I got to see my sister in law's ever-growing belly this weekend as she and my brother await the birth of their first son! :) My mom was thrilled to have both of her kids around for a little impromptu family time and I'm so excited to meet my first nephew!!

To top everything off, I got my adorable little acorn necklace from AstralBoutique, The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow CD, & ElenOwen's Pulling Back the Veil CD in the mail over the weekend! It was like an early birthday or something! :D

So, I guess it wasn't too bad. ;)

In other news, I was surprised to step out this morning to a more than chilly breeze that isn't letting up! *sigh* Perhaps the lovely spring weather as of late was just a teaser? (Welcome to Texas!) I've been told it will get down in the 30's this evening...

WELL, I guess there's no better excuse to snuggle down with my man and enjoy a little more veg-time together! Mmmm, can't wait. <3

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring is in the air...

There's nothing like the promising smell of spring in the air! Mmmmm, earthy, aromatic goodness... *sigh*

Warm breezes kicked up and beckoned this weekend as Phillip and I gathered our kites and wandered off to the expansive fields across our way to enjoy a little down time with Zoe. It was so gorgeous out!! Aaah, blisssss. I really do love my playful man...And today? Even better! I can't wait to head home...perhaps spend a little time outside stargazing this evening? We shall see. :)

In the meantime, enjoy a little bit of inspiration to get your heart warmed up for Spring.

Photo Credits:
Pink Bloom Fascinator - WhichGoose - Etsy
Pink and Golden Rose Pins - Japonicas - Etsy
Patina Sparrow and Rose Necklace - DandelionbyMistyDawn - Etsy
Yellow Chesnut Blossom Dress - TheMeasure - Etsy
Cherry Blossom Photo Print - JoyStClaire - Etsy
Carousel Blossom Pendant Necklace - Japonicas - Etsy
Golden Boho Sundress - ElisHasewell - Etsy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Earthy goodness...

Go ahead! Take a little break from the regular grind and enjoy a little eye candy for the earthy/vintage/boho at heart...the things that make my heart go, mmmmmm. :)

Photo Credits:
Copper Ring - Markasky - Etsy
Boho Ethnic Dress - AstralBoutique - Etsy
Honey Glazed Mugs - DarshanPottery - Etsy
Moroccon Tunic - AstralBoutique - Etsy
Handcrafted Acorn Necklace - AstralBoutique - Etsy (This is SO MINE! :)
Orange Felted Flower Slippers - Ing00te - Etsy
Hancrafted Clay Gypsy Earrings - JenniferMorrisBeads - Etsy
Maple Leaf Moccasins - RavenMountain - Etsy

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A newfound love...the sequel

AH!!! :D So much inspiration! Meet newfound love #2:


This married couple is such a treat to discover! Much like The Civil Wars , they have an infectiousness about their music that grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. It is raw, beautiful, honest, laden with heart soaring harmonies and a wonderful combination of strength and fragility. It is pure organic, earthy goodness. *sigh*

Please support this incredible duo by visiting their site (, buying their album, sharing their youtube videos and following them via twitter!

You won't regret it, my lovelies.

Enjoy this beautiful afternoon!

A newfound love...

So, I'm hardly the first person to blog about this amazing little duo, but I just have to introduce you to my newfound love...

The Civil Wars

Their music has reawakened a desire in my heart! A desire to write, create, give myself to the world through music. With their velvet smooth and powerful harmonies, deeply rooted, honest lyrics, humor and home grown feel I can't help but fall in love with these two. Their vibrations are raw, real, and run deep in me. Their spirits are just vibrant...full of beauty.

If you'd like to take a moment to enjoy a rare little gem just visit their website:

Watch this video and tell me you're not hooked.

Then buy their album "Barton Hollow", watch their live performances on youtube, follow them on twitter...and support genuine, amazing music.

All my love,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Contemplating love...

What else does one do in the season of love? Some may soar over new found affections...others may relish in memories...there are those too who still seek that gift of the heart.

I, for one, find myself settling into my mind and heart and searching.

"Searching for what?", you might say. Well, it seems love has taken a new shape for me, as of late. Things are not as easy, relaxed, or blissful as they used to be. Things are strained...tough work. People change...and with those changes come new challenges. They say all relationships experience this. Regardless, it's love that keeps me here, keeps my heart working for more.

The other day in the process of helping my family pack for their move, I stumbled across a box I labored in love over to contain all of the sweet nothings my love and I had exchanged when we were together previously, so many years ago...a box I believed to be long gone and had mourned over losing. My love and I stood in the dirty garage pouring over the old memories...the poems...dried flowers, and little things we made. So much of that new love came back to me and overwhelmed my heart.

And I it selfish to long for the early days when the tiniest thing would send my heart all a-flutter? Is it wrong to want the romantic gestures, the poetry, the original songs written just for want the magic back?

I know I am only is he. But it is no mystery my heart has always been driven by love...that is one thing that will never change. I will always long for and seek out that divine feeling once more. To me, love is a form of worship. A gift. I can not easily let that feeling die...

So, I struggle with this...I don't want to seem ungrateful for the love I have...I know my search will only make him feel inadequate or judged. That is not my intent at all. Quite the contrary. I want him to feel the magic once more, too! But often times I feel...I don't know...I don't feel like the beautiful damsel that has stolen his heart, anymore. I don't feel worthy.

Will that feeling pass? Or has that time passed, never to return?

I think the hardest thing is knowing after years and years of back and forth, being together, or with another, and back again, struggling with family acceptance in the beginning and so on, old trust issues, and overcoming these things finally...we are still technically in the early stages of our relationship: not yet engaged or married, no children of our own, etc. These are the things my heart once day dreamed about, gushed over, anticipated! Now, it just seems so long overdue, the magic is waning.

What does one do to reclaim the innocence of the heart?

I've prayed a lot, lately, for one. Discovering a renewed connection with God and a desire to fill my heart with his love and goodness...a desire to be the shining example of his grace I once was. Most of all a desire to remove my defects of character...the fear in my heart that makes me less than I could be. So, this is my present journey.

My greatest fear is knowing this isn't so much a part of my lovers life. I find it difficult to broach the subject, in fact...and don't desire to put any more strain on our relationship than already exists. But I must be honest with him...I must be true to my heart, as well.

So, how do I attempt to grow in my spirituality, to reopen and heal my heart, showing me the way to the love we once had...without imposing on his ways and beliefs?

This is my challenge...

That aside, I want to make clear, I'm eternally grateful for my blessings, grateful to be loved at all, grateful for his children whom love me, for my home, my family, a good job, and more.

But I cannot ignore the call of my heart...I can only surrender my fears, my doubts, and await the answer. I will continue to seek a better me, to grow and to love with all of my heart. I will continue to open my heart to my love and hope to see an easiness return to his heart, too. I may not be where I want to be in life and love...but I can be. We can be.

I will "expect a miracle" as they say. :)

Love is a miracle, after all...and we're all deserving.

Friday, February 11, 2011

She's a wanderer: coping with my gypsy ways...

So, a lot has been on my mind lately. No suprise then, up and creating a blog at this very moment, eh? It was time.

My mind and heart have been swarming with thoughts on my future, my relationship, and habits...on to my dreams, goals, desires, and much...almost too much. I've never been one to take things easy. I like to plan and then conquer with all my might.

What can I say? I'm determined...passionate! :)

One of the many things I've been wrestling with is coping with the gypsy in my heart...that free-spirited woman ready to up and discover the next utopia around the bend. It's no mystery that I never pictured myself as a Texas kind of gal. Don't get me wrong, I've been here a long time and have met so many wonderful people along the way that have changed my life...but it was never my dream to live in the land of the ultra conservative, land of the expansive and flat, forever. It's got a lot of charm in many ways...but I need some place where I can bloom and grow. I'm not sure that's here.

In my heart I still have dreams of a heavily wooded play ground to let my imagination and spirit run free. A bohemian paradise. A place that my family can feel connected to the Earth on which they reside. A place to inspire and move help me grow. What can I say? I was born in Arkansas. I got a little spoiled by trees, rolling hills, long winding roads cutting into steep cliffs, and so on. To me that feels like home.

In addition, I feel disconnected from a huge part of who I am: the music, the art, the people who think and live as I do, with compassion, love, good intention, and vigor! I need a sense of community.

So, why not jump up and sate that desire, you say?! in all good stories, there's a catch. (Life loves those.)

Yes! I have a job that isn't mobile, that provides money that I need to pay for things I own...I have family that counts on me to be near, available, a part of their lives...and a home that I've only really just begun to nest in...and let's not forget FIVE dogs to take with me if I were ever to leave here. I have responsibilites and ties. "The works." All of which I am grateful for, actually...let's not be mistaken on that!

But as of late, this feeling has been more nagging than usual. I feel as if there's something I'm not doing that I should. That perhaps I've wandered too far from my intended path. I don't know. I feel there are things I'm meant to do, places I'm meant to discover and revel in, and so much more. I feel a little stagnant...without purpose. I know none of these are fully true. I can do something! But where is my path headed? And where do I want to be at the next stop?

Perhaps this discontent, restless feeling will pass...perhaps this feeling will grow stronger. Who knows? For now, my circumstances are not obliging.

SO, I intend to sit on it...pray on it, manifest with all my might and wait for my destiny to call me loud and clear....loud enough that I cannot push it out. Then, I will see if the stars align themselves for me. I've gotta have faith that there's more in store for me.

I only hope that somehow, some way, I will find that little slice of heaven that will be my own. That my family will call home. Where our dreams will be realized.

So, for's to that! :D

All my love.

From the mouth's of babes...

Good morning, world! How are you this lovely, chilly morning? :)

Me? I'm sitting with the biggest smile on my face and in my heart after watching this:

SIGH* :) Not only do I LOVE Glen Hansard's music, but it's things like this that make me excited to be a mom someday...the miracle of watching this little bean growing into a living, breathing, thinking, feeling, inspiring human being! It seems unfathomable sometimes!

It's been something very strong in my mind, lately, actually. I'm 28...almost 29. I've lived a pretty eventful life, experienced many different relationships that played a huge role in my life and changed who I was. I searched for the right find myself back with someone I loved a long time ago...but we weren't quite ready for each other then. We're not married, yet. Not yet engaged, either. (No hinting, love, I swear! haha) I wouldn't say I'm in the position financially to be a mom, yet, either...but boy!! Does the desire seem to creep up on me these days!! :)

I have the pleasure of witnessing the incredible miracle of life and parenting every day through family, friends and even here in the magical world of blogging! (Shout out to Boho Baby Bump for making my heart smile every time I visit!) ...and I can't help but dream about how I will raise my little one when he/she graces our world someday. I imagine singing little songs together, walks in the woods, and even the serene perfection of quiet little naps in the middle of the day, just because, watching my angel rest without a care in the world. I can't imagine anything better! ...and I can't wait!

There's so many things I can't wait to share with my little wonder: a passion for music, deep-seeded love for nature, love and need for spirituality, respect for the Earth and all of it's creatures, an appetite for learning and passion for adventure! The desire to create and freedom to do so! A strong sense of self and the courage to always be who you truly are...and more.

So, I guess what I want to say is... Wow! Isn't life amazing? Isn't love just the cat's meow?

I hope you enjoyed the video. :) I'll catch you guys later! (Back to work...)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The beginning...

So, here it is. :)

My venture into the captivating world of blogging.
Welcome! I hope you'll find this place one of my own unique expression and contemplation, sharing and exploring life, the amazing people I share life with, and all of the amazing things out there in this world worth mentioning a thing or two about! Maybe we'll share a bit in common or maybe my wee little life will somehow inspire you!
Who knows?
This is me in a tiny little nutshell! A dreamer, an artist, a vegetarian boho-hippy-chic,
...and so much more. Nice to meet you!

I hope you'll join me on this journey. It's going to be a lovely ride...