Friday, February 11, 2011

From the mouth's of babes...

Good morning, world! How are you this lovely, chilly morning? :)

Me? I'm sitting with the biggest smile on my face and in my heart after watching this:

SIGH* :) Not only do I LOVE Glen Hansard's music, but it's things like this that make me excited to be a mom someday...the miracle of watching this little bean growing into a living, breathing, thinking, feeling, inspiring human being! It seems unfathomable sometimes!

It's been something very strong in my mind, lately, actually. I'm 28...almost 29. I've lived a pretty eventful life, experienced many different relationships that played a huge role in my life and changed who I was. I searched for the right find myself back with someone I loved a long time ago...but we weren't quite ready for each other then. We're not married, yet. Not yet engaged, either. (No hinting, love, I swear! haha) I wouldn't say I'm in the position financially to be a mom, yet, either...but boy!! Does the desire seem to creep up on me these days!! :)

I have the pleasure of witnessing the incredible miracle of life and parenting every day through family, friends and even here in the magical world of blogging! (Shout out to Boho Baby Bump for making my heart smile every time I visit!) ...and I can't help but dream about how I will raise my little one when he/she graces our world someday. I imagine singing little songs together, walks in the woods, and even the serene perfection of quiet little naps in the middle of the day, just because, watching my angel rest without a care in the world. I can't imagine anything better! ...and I can't wait!

There's so many things I can't wait to share with my little wonder: a passion for music, deep-seeded love for nature, love and need for spirituality, respect for the Earth and all of it's creatures, an appetite for learning and passion for adventure! The desire to create and freedom to do so! A strong sense of self and the courage to always be who you truly are...and more.

So, I guess what I want to say is... Wow! Isn't life amazing? Isn't love just the cat's meow?

I hope you enjoyed the video. :) I'll catch you guys later! (Back to work...)

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